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Walking Projections

Fall 2021

Mixed media installation 

“Walking projections” is an immersive installation created in 2021 with photographs turned into video, collected sounds, projection, scrim, recyclable carpet padding, aluminum flashing and cinefoil. Attention is not simply a flashlight we shine upon sights of interest, but rather a full, bodily experience dependent on the various positions a human can inhabit. Over time, an embodied attention creates a person’s perception of a space, objects, and persons which then creates our individual perspectives, or what I call projections. The process of making “walking projections” was  evidence of my desperate need to be present within my body post-pandemic in order to attend to the things, people and nature around me. While collecting the projected images, I was almost always walking with others and engaging with the natural world in conjunction with other bodies. After two years of disjointed isolation and screen-led lives, I dove into the power my body has to shape physical material into an experience for bodies to have in real-time. The ambiguity and disorientation present in the work is synonymous with my attempt at getting back into my body, at rebuilding connections with the outside world and engaging in a new rhythm of living. I moved through forested areas within the cities of Dallas, TX (my current residence) and Richmond, VA (my childhood home) and while walking, used the analog camera as a form of preserving my attention. I then compiled the images into video and projection to be experienced anew within the room by others. 

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