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An Iterative Series 

Mixed media sculpture and video 


I went through a few iterations of tiny immersive experiences mostly in the form of wooden boxes where I combined leaves, sticks, and detritus with a video on an iPhone screen. The boxes were created to question the viewer’s perspective – what could be seen within the size limitations of the box and how your eyes shift between different objects and video within the field of depth. I was interested in the way that looking into a small box began to make your body feel very small also, as if you were an ant viewing a larger landscape. I drew inspiration from dance partnering– as the sculptural object becomes a partner within a piece of weight sharing choreography where you’re very codependent and intimately connected to the object. When viewing the inside, its materials – leaves, sticks and trees and digital phone screen – are noticeable, found in the natural world, although abstracted. The video is paired with a sardonic evaluation of my fractal obsession– letting this piece be fun, interactive and ironic. 


As I was making the boxes, I felt that the standardization of a box was too limiting and I wanted a more organic form to look within – perhaps one that shaped to your body – and that was representative of a nest or hive so I moved away from the examples you see below. 

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