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Walking, A State of Being


Spatial Installation

Winter + Spring 2018

In 2018, I transformed an old office space into an immersive world entitled, “walking, a state of being.” As a child, I never wore shoes, and preferred the feeling of the mud, sand, and grass moving through my toes. A forested green space that fools me into believing I’m not in the middle of a city is one of the few places that releases me from my computer and cell phone. I chose to transport the entropic world of nature into a small room by covering the floor with rocks; each one is individually created by the natural world, a stark juxtaposition to the calculated, mechanical character of our portable technological devices. The rocks heighten awareness and amplify the sound and sensation of walking. Each day, we enter the public stage with our phones, and constantly switch our attention between what’s going on around us and our screens. Our phones are windows into different places, people far away, a lens through which we see the world. The viewers were welcome to use their phones within the space to frame their experience. The only instructions were to decide where to place their attention.

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