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A Shell for My Ecotone

Between cities / between urbanity and nature

Sound design and sculpture

Spring 2022

“A Shell for My Ecotone,” is appears to be a heavy shell or boulder that might be found outside. When viewing it, I’m questioning how heavy it really is and what it means to feel heavy versus being heavy within my own mind-body emotionality. I’m revering the rock in a ceremonial way as it hangs above me.


The rock contains an audio track that blends bird calls, wind and rain with noise pollutants such as iPhone notifications, typing and other digital distractions. In the Netherlands, birds have been discovered to sing at a higher minimum frequency so that their mating songs are not masked by the predominantly low-frequency, anthropogenic noise of highways and airplanes in the urban environment. The sound of birds in the audio track has been amplified in relation to the other noises as I consider how this phenomena is likely also taking place where I currently live in Dallas, TX. This blend of sounds is my own ecotone – my view of the nature-city I live within.

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