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NaturbanTech Ecotone

80 Year Old Oak in 2.5 Mins

Sand, Dirt and Leaves, Projection, Plastic

Spring 2022

In the last few years, I’ve experienced a world that thinks in apocalyptic terms, and to no surprise. My work is survivalist in that I’m not only making work for my own survival but I'm thinking about what it means to continue life as a human in 2022– how do we interact with each other and our environment in a way that allows all of us to survive. In my video entitled “80 y/o in 2 mins,” I simulate an 80-year-old oak growing as it would in an urban-nature ecotone. It was developed with Blender and The Grove, a developer keeping up with “200 million years of evolution, relentlessly unraveling the secrets of how real trees grow.” In this work, I'm contrasting tree and human time scales, and the current misalignment of these two measurements of existence. I ask the viewer to consider how experiencing nature changes when it's put behind a digital screen or impermeable layer.

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